The Journey

The reinvention of daily life means marching off the edge of our maps

Bob Black

I recently listened to a podcast where someone said the most valuable commodity that we should own is time. Having a say in how you use your time is the greatest gift of life as there is only a finite amount of it, and once it passes, you never get it back. It is with this urgent thought that we march off the edge of our life’s map to explore how we choose to spend our time this year. A journey for Toohey, Lysette, and Kemp, moving along with the belief that you don’t have to work until retirement age before you live life, but you can live it now. We have framed this as early retirement, or micro retirement, but we fully expect to work again. Everyone must have something to do for 8 hours a day and so the principle here is, we’d rather keep living the adventure while the body allows versus waiting for the future where this might not be an option. 

We refer to this as a gap year which we borrowed from Lysette’s nephew who graduated high school and opted for a gap year before entering college. He has since been traveling South America on his own, great story and inspiration. Not only that, but what an incredible education that isn’t received from a book or lecture, but living.

We have also met so many other adventurous inspirational people, since announcing this, that have taken time off at some point in life and done their thing. It is awesome to hear and know that they did survive and in fact, each of them had a great story of personal growth. 

So, hop along on our journey as we grow our human experience, or better, live a purposeful and meaningful life, as defined by us.